Dirt Rally 2.0 | Windows Mixed Reality

It’s finally here! Good timing too considering I only just bought the game a few days ago and my single screen setup has been driving me nuts, without being able to use my WMR Odyssey+ Headset… Until now!

Thanks to Codemasters for listening to the cries of the VR fans!

The immersion is absolutely insane and brings a whole new level to the game! Initially I was concerned my Windows Mixed Reality headset would not be compatible, but I figured if it supports SteamVR, then why wouldn’t it? Anyway, it clearly works! 😀

I am still tinkering with the in-game graphics settings, but for anyone interested, I have listed my current T500rs Wheel, SteamVR and In-Game settings below with my PC specs for comparison.

PC SpecsNothing fancy, could do with a faster CPU…

Intel i7-3770K
Gigabyte 1080 G1 8gb
Corsair DDR3 16gb
ASUS Sabertooth Z77
Thermaltake 700w
Kingston SSD

Samsung Odyssey+

If you’re like me and using a Windows Mixed Reality headset, you’ll need to download the “SteamVR for Windows Mixed Reality” Addin. You can search and install this from within Steam itself… Thought I’d mention this just in case you’re new to WMR and Steam.

Thrustmaster T500rs Profile

T500rs Profile Control Panel Settings
T500 Profile Settings

SteamVR v1.6.10

SteamVR Dirt Rally 2.0 Settings
Custom Resolution Setting

SteamVR Motion Reprojection for WMR

So unfortunately because I do not get a constant 90fps with my rig/pc, in order to reduce the motion sickness and increase the smoothness inside the headset I turn this on, it works wonders!

To ensure this is enabled, go to;


Ensure there is no // in front of “motionReprojectionMode” : “auto”,

SteamVR WMR Reprojection Enabled
Reprojection Setting

In-Game Wheel Settings

Graphics Settings

Note: I have to leave Advanced Ambient Occulusion On, otherwise I see a strange dark shadow artifact wherever I look…

You can obviously skip my settings and fine-tune your own, but I’ll post what I do anyway.

Nvidia Control Panel (in Windows)


Graphics Settings Image
Basic Graphics / Smooth Edges
Graphics Settings Image 1
Advanced Graphics
Graphics Settings Image 2
More Scrolling down
Graphics Settings Image 3
More Graphics

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