Dirt Rally | VR | Revive Runtime Fix

After countless hours of Googling and attempting methods and fixes to get around this runtime error and launch Dirt Rally in VR via Steam with my Samsung Odyssey Headset, I eventually stumbled upon a potential fix!

Below is a link to the original comment I found. Perhaps this is not a permanent solution, however the following allowed me to get passed this pesky VC++ Runtime Error as soon as I launched Dirt Rally in VR!

I’m referring to Rayden154’s comment within the following Reddit Article.

First of all you will require the following to be installed.

  1. Oculus Home – https://www.oculus.com/setup/
  2. Revive – https://github.com/LibreVR/Revive

Also a good idea to be up to date with your Runtime Redistributables too!

1.     Download and Install Oculus Home, it may take some time as the installer is going to download 16gb of content!!!

2.     Launch Oculus Home, skip the Rift setup if you’re using a WMR headset.

3.     Login and browse to Settings > General … Enable Unknown Sources.

4.     Download and install the latest version of Revive ( 1.6.4 did not work for me initially, so try 1.6.3 if this is also the case for you)

5.     Copy the following contents from the Revive install folder and paste them in your Dirt Rally install folder.

Copy From
C:\Program Files\Revive\
– ReviveInjector_x86.exe

C:\Program Files\Revive\Revive\
– LibRevive32_1.dll
– openvr_api.dll
– xinput1_3.dll

Paste To
SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally

6.     Rename the existing drt.exe in your Dirt Rally folder to temp.exe and rename the ReviveInjector_x86.exe to drt.exe

7.     Copy the path of the temp.exe location and insert it into your launch options in Dirt Rally in Steam like so. Obviously your path could be different to mine.

Launch Options for Dirt Rally in VR
Dirt Rally Launch Options

Ensure Windows Mixed Reality and Oculus Home are running in the background, now launch Dirt Rally from Steam and you should be good to go. I have also uploaded a video instruction to my Youtube Channel!

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