Sil15 – Front Mount Time!

So here she is, in need of some improvements! And a wash!

She was pretty much bone stock at this point, apart from the Super Cheap Pod filter 😛

Some goodies arrived in the mail! – For anyone interested in the Mount, it’s the same mount Moog installed on his S15 in one of Mighty Car Mod’s earlier episodes. See link to the supplier below.

Black intercooler kit for S14 and S15 200SX

I actually purchased this Mount via their Ebay page during one of Ebay’s 20% off site-wide deals. Unfortunately at the time I just missed the sale. Damn daylight savings! Fortunately for me Otomoto Garage were nice enough to still sell the kit to me at a discounted purchase price. Thanks Otomoto! *Thumbs up*

Mmmmm….. Front Mount!

Had my Father give me a hand on this, definitely help’s having an old man who once was a Panel Beater and still has his tools! 😀

Scratching my head trying to figure out how I’m going to do this, early morning, before work. Priorities! – I was late to work that day…… This is why! 😀

So this is what I had to get through. Most people just buy a circle drill bit and drill straight through the battery tray. But I wanted to do something a little different.

Perhaps, remove the tray…. Completely! ….  😀

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