Sil15 – One Dirty Garrett

So I’m driving the Silvia back from Woolies and noticing the boost gauge is maxing out at 5psi. Errrr, pretty sure from factory they are tuned at roughly 7.5psi. So clearly something was up.

After only owning the S15 for a few day’s I figured I should probably check it out, I was planning to anyway. So off with the intake pipe and lo and behold, checkout this shit! Look’s a little black….

So I guess I should dig a little deeper, at first thought I figured a seal had split. Either that, or the crankcase is pushing some pressure out the bypass hose into the intake, nothing a simple catch can can’t fix! But there really shouldn’t be that much! When was this last serviced? Has anyone even touched this turbo recently? Clearly not!

Out she comes.

Alright baby! Let’s see what’s gone wrong…