Sil15 – I want more boost!

Okay, enough joking around. I want more boost… I didn’t think I’d need it at first, but now I want it.

The GT2560R “Stock S15 Turbo” sure does pack a punch for it’s size if you up the boost, however I just wanted a tad more unicorns to push me back in the seat @ full boost without going too big… Is that too much to ask? … I like the word boost… 😀

I planned to keep the size of the turbo discrete, so I stuck to a low-mount setup. In that case I knew I’d be limited to the size of the turbo.

With that in mind, the natural progression within the online S15 community, at least it seems, is to go straight to a GT2871R. So of course, I was keeping an eye out for one of these Turbos. Instead, a mate of mine happened to have on hand a GT2835 which is also commonly known as a GT3071.

From my research and story behind this Turbo it appears the GT2835 was designed by Garret specifically for HKS. I’m told the difference between the GT3071 and GT2835 is with the rear wheel of the turbo, the rear wheel is a smaller turbine on the GT2835.

Lets get started!

Image of the GT2835-56T Turbo


Size comparison between the GT2835 and GT2560R

Before installing the new Turbo I test fit the stock manifold and heat-shield. I ended up trimming a little off the heat-shield and clocking the turbo clockwise

Image of the GT2835-56T mounted to manifold.

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