Sil15 – Moar Booooost Please!

Lucky for me, or Unlucky for me … Ebay kept hosting continuous sitewide discount promotions this week. I was looking at purchasing Electronic Boost Controllers at the time, so it just turned into good timing, so I pulled the trigger on this nice little package.

This neat little fella is kind of new so there is not a lot of forum info online for this model, at least I found at the time of install. The manual is a conversion from Japanese to English… It’s not very good. But I eventually figured “guessed” my way through the install. Good thing for pictures 😀

Ooooooh plastic smell! 😀

This is where the stock boost solenoid use to be. I found an L bracket amongst my tools, painted it black and mounted it to the existing bracket.

I had to plug the bleed hole. This ended up being temporary, until I installed a custom intake pipe. This little hole that I plugged fed the stock boost solenoid as a vacuum reference. But because the new boost solenoid was getting it’s reference from the existing bung on my new intercooler and I didn’t have my new intake pipe yet, I needed to plug it.

Found some rubber to protect the boost line from the exhaust heat shield.

You’ll see three holes on the solenoid. One is your boost reference and the other two are for either (A) your external waste-gate or (B) your internal waste-gate. As I was running an internal waste-gate I obviously connected the side for an internal waste-gate setup.

Boost line sticking out like dog balls. Kinda want a stealth setup, so I ended up finding some plastic hose to go around it.

For anyone interested in that oil catch-can, you can buy one from here GkTech.

Image of boost line
Running the boost line

Damn, not long enough. Ah well, it’s kinda hidden….

Image of boost line hidden.
Hiding the boost line

Couldn’t make up my mind where to mount it, so this will do for now.

Image of controller mounted in cabin
Mounting the controller in the cabin

Quick boost increase and off to Downshift for a little Dyno run, only marginal boost increase. Running about 12psi at this time.

Image of Silvia on Dyno at Downshift
Quick Dyno run @ Downshift

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