Sil15 – ProSport Boost Gauge

Just a quick article explaining how I fit a ProSport Gauge into my stock JDM A-Pillar boost gauge pod, looking flush!

First off, the JDM fanboy’s will probably hate anything that isn’t a Defi gauge. But if you wanna fork out double the $cha-ching$, sweet! be my guest. In fact, I was actually looking at Defi gauges initially, but I rather liked this little ProSport gauge, plus a local retailer had some in stock.

Moving on….

Two major key feature’s I really liked about this gauge in particular was;

  1. Ability to set an audible alert once your pre-defined boost limit is set.
  2. Digital LED displaying your exact boost level
Image of Gauge installed into Stock Pod.
ProSport Installed in Pod

So product arrived in the mail. Here I’m eyeing off roughly the size comparison between the stock JDM boost gauge and the new ProSport.

First thing we need to do is remove the stock gauge cover. Underneath you’ll find a slot to insert a screw driver. You may wish to use another small flat blade to help you leverage it off like so

Image of Removing the Stock S15 pod cover
Removing the Stock S15 pod cover

Alright, so the front face is off…. See that screw? You know what to do! 😉 Unscrew it and your gauge should come loose.

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