Sil15 – Protecting that Front Mount

Picked up some of this polyurethane adhesive from Bunnings to help glue this mesh I bought from Autobarn which in turn shall protect my Front Mount from pesky rocks bouncing up from the road and scratching it! Plus I think I read somewhere it’s against road rules to have an intercooler displaying unprotected. I wanted to do this more for the stealth aspect 😉

Image of the adhesive I used.
Adhesive used
Image of the type of sheet
Type of material used

Had to buy two of these, one didn’t cut it. Back to Autobarn! It pay’s to use a measuring tape instead of guessing….. Saves you time too! The kit is fairly cheap too, from memory I paid $20 per sheet.

This took a little finessing, bending the edges. The sides were more difficult. The center was fairly easy. I also had to grind down the fiberglass body kit a little for my intercooler installation, so I figured I’d do this at the same time.

Test fitting the sheet size against the bodykit
Test fitting size

Firstly, you’ll want to position the sheet like I did, demonstrated in the above image. Using pliers cut any excess off, make sure not to cut too much as you’ll see why shortly.

Bend the edges of the sheet’s around your bodykit like so. I used two heavy books to hold the sheet in place and ensure it layed flat while I bent the edges around the side. I also used a solid piece of timber so to bend and therefore get a nice straight edge / curve around the 90 degree angles.

Curving the sheet around the kit
Curving the sheet

Now would be a good time to paint your sheet, before gluing. Use a piece of string to hang it up somewhere and grab a can of acrylic paint “whatever colour you’d like”.

Then (unfortunately I don’t have a photo for this) using your adhesive, stick a good amount of glue “blobs of it” around the sheet so It stick’s to your fiberglass bodykit

All done! Painted black and looking goooooood!

Also makes a good leaf catcher! :O

Image of final product
Out for a demonstration

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