Sim Racer – H Pattern and Ebrake

The Thrustmaster TH8A H-Pattern Shifter! Also another second hand product, thank you Ebay! In case you hadn’t noticed, I buy used provided the hardware is still in good-nick. Which this one was! 😀

After a little brainstorming and trying to wrap our head’s around how best to mount this shifter….. I found this in the wardrobe I had once used to hold speakers next to my living room TV.

The position height felt perfect, we just needed to make a few alterations.

We trimmed off one side of the stand, mounted the shifter and positioned where I needed it. Not too far, not too close.

So there’s a bit of a story to this handbrake. It’s still the original handbrake from v1.0 of my Racing Sim, but I built a box around it. I knew at some point I was going to turn it into a DIY EBrake, but had no idea where I was going to position it. So a few weeks prior I decided to just build a box around it.

We found an old strut brace in the garage, cut it down to size, removed the handle off the handbrake and hammered the steel into the hole.

Worked out pretty nicely if you ask me. If I ever need to adjust the length of the Ebrake all I have to do is loosen the nut off and twist the handle around, then lock it in place by tightening the nut.

Test fitting the position of the Ebrake, this was a little difficult. We weren’t so sure how to mount it at this point. But later decided to lengthen the size of the rods inside the Ebrake box by replacing them with longer threaded rod’s that would thread all the way through the box and into the frame holding the shifter.

Was not overly happy with the tension of the Ebrake. I knew extending it would create less tension so we found a stronger spring and threw it in.

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