Sim Racer – The Seat Mover pt1

Okay! So on to the next project.. Unfortunately the Sim had been sitting around gathering dust in the corner of my room for a while, I’ll admit something just didn’t’ feel right and I was not overly happy with the setup. The three screen setup didn’t work very well to begin with. The 23.5″ 3 monitor setup left a lot of room for improvement. The Field of view felt odd playing many games. Probably didn’t help that I had them positioned so far away. It felt as if I was looking through a window and then another window “the in-game windscreen”. If I went down the triple-monitor setup again I’d stick with 27″ + screens.

Image of the first version of my racing sim.
My first triple-screen setup

So after some research I decided to make a change.

There’s plenty of helpful video’s on YouTube on how to setup your screen position so your Field of View is 1:1 or almost, meaning the viewing angle feel’s as if your Simulator setup is one with the vehicle and your monitor feel’s close to being the in-game windscreen.

Although my current single 42″ TV setup is not perfect, it is far better than my original 3 x Monitor setup, at least I feel.. The only other move I’d make would be towards using a Virtual Reality headset, but still being kinda early stages of the hardware out within the retail market + being a little expensive I’ll make do with what I have now.

Image of Sim pulled apart.
Removing the seat and screens

You may be wondering what this has to do with the Seat Mover, well I suppose you could say it sort of was the kick-off towards further improvements. While researching how to improve my Field of View I delved further into the realm of Seat Movers. From simple 2DOF to multi ‘6DOF and beyond’ simulators. Considering this is a DIY garage build Sim and I am no Engineer, I decided to stick with the simple 2DOF. It looked fairly easy to setup, especially with less moving part’s.

Image of Seat removed off Base.
Preparing for the extension

In order for there to be enough room for the wormgears I had to extend the platform. Just some more structural timber, a few screws, black paint and some MDF.

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