Sim Racer – Button Box

Normally I’d spend the time, visit Jaycar, pickup some switches and a box and learn to do this myself. But sometimes time is short 😛 … Sooo instead, I just picked this Button Box off Ebay. Trusted ole Ebay! – There are some pretty cool switches online anyway, depending how much you’d like to spend. You can easily spend anywhere between $50 to $300 depending on the quality etc.

I figured at some point when I replace my existing stock T500RS wheel, I’m going to miss the buttons. Unless I plan on designing a full blown wheel with it’s own button’s somehow wired through to the T500RS Base. A job for another day!

So after a quick search online I found a local retailer that stocked these little boxes. Pretty straight forward to setup.

Image of Button Box I bought off Ebay.
Affordable Sim Racing Button Box

It turned out to be “Okay” quality, but the button’s and switches turned out to be pretty ordinary. However, I could always just replace them.

So I thought I’d take a peak inside to see what this thing is all about!

Turn’s out it’s just a basic USB gamepad controller wired to a bunch of switches, eh, what else did I expect? 😛

Image of the controller inside the box.
The gut’s of the Button Box

So to get this thing mounted, all I needed was two L shaped bracket’s from Bunnin’s and a little builders adhesive. I screwed both L brackets, one to the side and one to the back of the box. Otherwise the box felt too flimsy with just one, especially when pushing buttons. I simply used building adhesive to hold the screws from the other side, nothing fancy. Oh, and some black paint to touch up the brackets

Finally I ran the USB cable down the back of the T500RS base and tucked it away with the other cables.

Image of where I hid the USB cable.
Hiding the USB cable

Here are a few pic’s of the box mounted and in-game 😀

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