Sim Racer – Dirt Rally Settings

For those wondering what settings I use in Dirt Rally with the Thrustmaster T500RS. Obviously I have enabled the Manual H-Pattern + Clutch setting. But as for the Preset and Vibration settings see below.

I actually just use a preset from the Steam Workshop called the T500RS Naturalv2 preset. So credit goes out to whoever set this up.

Here is a link to the preset on the Steam Workshop website.

Image of Steam Workshop preset name.
Steam Workshop Preset name

I just make two minor alterations as followed.

Wheel friction 15% … I’m kinda playing around with this, less % = less weight on the wheel pulling you the other direction.

Image of Vibration settings.
Vibration Settings

Brake Saturation 95% because I have a rubber pad behind the brake acting as a simulated Load Cell. So If I need a little extra braking power I have to force the brake with my foot just that little bit harder. It help’s in stopping me from locking the wheel’s up by accident.

Image of Brake saturation settings.
Brake Saturation

Now as for the Steering Saturation which alters the amount of rotation required to turn the wheel in-game. I set this at 45%. As the T500RS is a 900degree wheel this works out to be roughly 400degree’s of rotation, to be exact it’s 405. And the reason for this… Try driving with 900degrees of rotation in Dirt Rally and you’ll see why!

Image of Steering Saturation settings
Steering Saturation

As for the T500RS Control Panel settings, see below.

Here are the full settings if you cannot find the T500RS Naturalv2 Preset in the Steam Workshop.

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