Sim Racer – A little dish please

Let’s add a little dish to this Thrustmaster T500 base. Did someone say MOMO wheel? Sure, why not. Guess Ill need an adapter first!

The standard T500 wheel is great, out of the box. However, when drifting I feel like I’m throwing my hand’s around like a mad man with the limited size wheel. Perhap’s I’m just trying to justify the purchase, ah well. The bottom line is, more dish baby

Alright! So what do I need? First thing is to find an adapter that’s compatible with a standard 350mm wheel. Off to Ebay! Here are the following item’s I purchased.

So turn’s out noone in Australia stock’s an adapter for the T500RS, or any other wheel for that matter. Sooooo, I had to purchase this little fella from Lithuania. After a few week’s it arrived in the mail, yay!

Picture of the T500 custom wheel adapter
Custom T500 adapter

Adapter sorted, now for the wheel!

Okay, so off to Ebay again. Nothing special, keep in mind this is a DIY Simulator and not a real track car so I wanted to keep expense to a minimum. Picked this neat MOMO “style” aka “fake” 😉 … We all know of the really cheap fake’s that practically bend, but considering this retailer is local and not in China I figured I’d give em a try.

Image of the MOMO wheel
New wheel ready for attaching to the T500 base

A little tip for anyone else doing this, make sure you line up the adapter with your base before screwing the plate to the wheel. The screw’s are a little bigger so they had to create their own thread as I used force to screw them in, then I found out I had screwed the adapter upside down because the T500RS insert requires the adapter to be a certain way. You’ll see what I mean if you’re doing this.

I had to make a minor change to the horn mechanism where the electrical contact’s are, I don’t plan on trying to wire this into the base so I don’t need it. It gets in the way of the adapter sitting flush to the wheel, so I just grabbed some side-cutters and cut the MOMO badge out then glued it back in after the wheel was screwed to the adapter.

Now just to screw the wheel into the T500RS base. At first it’s a little tight and doesn’t fit all the way in. But after a few hours of steering it eventually screw’s in tighter. I’m hoping the adapter isn’t going to come loose! We’ll see what happens.

Image of new wheel attached to T500 base
Adapter installed into base

And here’s a shot of Assetto Corsa with my new wheel inside an R32 GTR 😀

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