Sim Racer – The new Shifter

So eventually the ole TH8A plastic knob came loose and just snapped on me. Pity, guess I need a new shifter! 😀

Image of the TH8A plastic knob that broke.

This guy snapped!

So after 5 minutes I came across this, looked like a fine replacement to me. Definitely not a genuine RAZO obviously from the price tag. But it fit’s the purpose for a Sim, at least for me.

Image of the replacement Shifter
Shifter thread size = m10

So I went ahead with the purchase and after a few day’s it arrived in the mail. The new shifter turned out to be a little heavier than I had initially expected, (weighed in @ 150g) in comparison to (25g stock). However I found it hasn’t bothered me too much. The TH8A is pretty strong, plus there are plenty of mod’s to strengthen the internals and stiffen the shifter up if need be.

I unscrewed the plastic cup from under the existing knob, removed some screw’s from the inside of the plastic knob as it was already broken and pulled off anyway.

I inserted one of the new shifter adapters over the TH8A shaft, the TH8A shaft is also threaded which helped the adapter grip to the end. It took a little effort as the shaft is a little thick but I managed to get it on with some pliers. It eventually threaded it’s own hole into the plastic adapter. You’ll want to continuously screw the adapter over the shaft applying reasonable pressure, then remove it and then repeat this over a few time’s until the thread start’s to cut itself.

Finally I just screwed the new shifter in place over the top, and wallah! Look’s a bit like a screwdriver more than a knock-off RAZO shifter… I still like it 😛

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