Sim Racer – Shiftin’to’Win

For anyone not comfortable with the long throw’s of the TH8A Shifter, here’s a solution! Shorten it.

There are two options to shorten your TH8A. (A) you could replace the shaft with a shorter one, or (B) just buy Ricmotech’s plate replacement. Clearly I went with option (B) 😀

There are plenty of online YouTube video review’s that go into greater detail about this neat kit, so I wont bore you too much.

Here is the final product that arrived in the mail including a manual and official Ricmotech signatures!!! For anyone not familiar with Ricmotech, you can checkout a whole range of their products here! Ricmotech

Image of Ricmotech short shifter plate kit.
Ricmotech kit

The packaged arrived with replacement screw’s too! So no need to worry on that front. The throw’s take a little to get use to, especially if you’re use to the longer length throw’s from stock. However, after a few hours of game-play your muscle memory adjusts and the faster your shifting begins to feel more evident.

Image of Ricmotech Short Shifter plate installed.
Ricmotech mod

The only thing I would have liked to be included in the package, Is a longer plastic sheath to go around the metal shaft. You may notice after a period of time the metal shaft get’s dented when shifting. This is from hitting the side’s of the metal TH8A H plate, when going into gears. So something to keep in mind, just don’t go smashing the gears! I haven’t needed to change anything yet, but just something to keep an eye on.

Overall, a great accessory to add to the arsenal 😉

Ricmotech Short-Shifter plate installed
Image of Ricmotech banner.

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