Sim Racer – Screen Real Estate

So begins more screen Real-Estate and improved FOV! If you’ve followed on from the previous posts, especially “The Beginning” you knew this was coming!

Three 23.5″ screens mounted 2m away from my head just didn’t cut it. Driving just felt too oddly and difficult to control. My Field of View was playing tricks on my eyeballs! I have seen some pretty cool and well designed triple-monitor setups, but mine just didn’t cut the mustard… Plus I scored a free TV for this, who can complain? …

So here we are, in case you were wondering where the centre console ended up. You’ll see why in my next post. Reaching for the handbrake as if I’m searching for my sandwich that had fallen down the side of my seat, that split second I needed it before a corner, well, you can imagine how that played out. Many sideways maneuvers straight into a tree, massive rock, off the track or over the side of a hill….

Simple mspaint mock-up of the screen position. The screen itself is a little bigger, so it’s not perfect, but you get the point.

Out goes the G27, in goes the Thrustmaster T500RS. It was pretty straight forward to mount. The Ricmotech RS1 plans I originally purchased are for the G27, although I’m not certain, I think the only difference between the Ricmotech G27 and Thrustmaster plans is the shifter mount position and a few screw holes. But clearly there’s plenty of room for customisation for your own type of wheel setup.

We made a few minor changes to the steering deck. I wanted the Thrustmaster positioned to be facing further up towards my head, so we removed a few screws and moved the steering deck up to be flat and flush with the sides of the frame.

Image of prepping the Sim for the TV frame
Modifying the existing rig to accommodate the TV.

If you have a closer look you’ll see two thin strips of timber either side of the steering deck screwed to the side of the frame. This was so I could re-position the deck closer or further away from myself without having to remove anything. Underneath is another piece of structural timber, I drilled two holes “this is where the allen keys are” through the deck into this structural timber. I used allen keys as a way to lock the deck in place, drilled 3 different set-in-place positions so you can move the deck to three different fixed positions. I thought it was a pretty cool idea in case someone else wanted the wheel closer. I have long arms…

The red go-kart plastic semi-slick wheels are temporary, otherwise the seat will just fall over. The 2DOF is still a work in progress and is the next part to this series so keep your eyes peeled!

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