Sim Racer – Thrustmaster!

So it didn’t take long before I was fed up with the tiny G27 Shifter, the Toy’ish looking and clunky noisy G27 Steering Wheel. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great cheap Wheel. But it’s a CHEAP wheel. It served it’s purpose and now it’s sitting at the back of the shed in the backyard. So what next you say? Well I don’t feel like forking out $$$$ for a Fanatec setup, so the next obvious solution is a Thrustmaster wheel!

Image of wheel setup at desk
T500RS Setup @ Desk

So I kept an eye out for a few week’s for second hand Thrustmaster hardware and low and behold this nice little wheel and pedal kit popped up. If you’re after second hand Sim Racing gear, subscribe to your local Sim Racing Facebook pages and keep an eye out on Ebay and Gumtree “if you’re in Australia”. Lucky for me the seller threw in an extra wheel, which I later sold anyway for $20.

Image of what arrived in the mail
T500RS Base + Extra Wheel

The lovely gentleman who sold me the kit also threw in the rubber Load Cell for the brake pedal. Well worth the investment, if you don’t have a load-cell do some research and buy one! Your braking will improve, trust me! and it further add’s to the realism of the Simulator. Mine is just a piece of rubber behind the brake so it’s not an actual load-cell, but it still does a decent job for $20!

Image of T3PA
T3PA Pedals

If I had to do this all again, I’d go straight to the Thrustmaster setup. Or perhaps a combination of the Fanatec + Thrustmaster hardware such as the Clubsport Fanatec pedals and shifter with the Thrustmaster wheel. Still! The Thurstmaster is a great kit and I am happy with it, so I’ll stick with it. I’m no hardcore sim racer so it work’s wonders for my enjoyment, plus my wallet does not feel comfortable dropping massive $$$ dollars on a whole blown commercial type setup.

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