Sim Racer – The Beginning

First sim so let’s start basic. The G27 kit!

I initially decided to run with a static build, had I researched more thoroughly I probably would have ended up with something a little more accommodating for an actual seat mover setup. None the less this base started off as a great start to what would eventually become a 2DOF Seat Mover! Plus you cannot discount the experience and enjoyment gained from building something with your own hands and enjoying a few beers in the process! Thanks and Credit goes out to Ricmotech for the RS1 DIY Plans! You can find a link to their webpage below. I have also posted a video below to InsideSimRacing’s own build video and review of the Ricmotech RS1 Plans. Go checkout InSideSimRacing if you haven’t already done so, I have learnt a lot from their content.

Firstly I’ll point out that the plan’s I originally purchased were designed for the G27 kit and although I now use a Thrustmaster T500RS wheel, I cannot be certain, but the G27 setup appears to be very similar to the RS1 Plans designed for the T500RS. There are plan’s specifically available for the Thrustmaster kit, just checkout the link to Ricmotech’s website below.

Before we begin, just like to point out. We didn’t use PLY, everything was structural timber and MDF. So not everything was followed to plan. The RS1 DIY Plan’s come with a great manual to follow but with limited supplies we just made due with what we had at the time.

A great deal of credit also goes out to my Father. Without his knowledge, skill-set and tools there is no way this build would have turned out the way it did. Thanks Dad! Brains and Brawn! 😉 – See the next page and we shall begin!

Managed to get the frame built with structural timber, unfortunately the jigsaw blade snapped so had to resort to the hand-saw……

We decided to build our simulator slightly wider so we had to take
into account the extra measurements with the RS1 template for the base. I traced out the front end piece of the template a littler wider for the platform. I used some baking tray paper because it’s transparent enough to see through for tracing.

I then flipped the paper over onto the other side and using a sharp pencil I drew/scratched over the paper which transferred the stencil onto our base MDF.

Here is the platform glued and screwed together.

Maybe a good idea to drill holes through the under-bracing now. In case you plan on running any cabling through it.

Following the plans provided in the RS1 kit, I cut out the plans and traced around them onto two pieces of MDF. Then using a Jigsaw we cut the sides to shape, glued and screwed them to the frame.

Front edge of the platform.

The G27 pedals taken out of the casing and ready for reverse mounting.

I roughly sized up the distance between each pedal in my own
car, kinda, it was a little difficult. But! .. I found that the DIY RS1 templates “Drill Here” holes matched up perfectly. Way-to-go Ricmotech!

Backing board for the pedals to mount to with a few extra
braces in between the MDF sheets for strengthening. Drilled holes
in the bracing for the cabling to fit inside.

The G27 pedals had threaded holes so no drilling was required..

Bolts, washers and enough room to run cabling.

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