Sim Racer – The Foot Cam

Gone are the day’s when decent quality webcam’s were too expensive to buy just to point at your feet!

What did I have to accomplish in order to complete this over-the-moon task you ask? Slow down propeller head! I’ll tell you…….

  1. A webcam……
  2. Some basic hardware tools
    1. Drill + drill bits
    2. Electric Grinder or Hacksaw
    3. Screwdriver + Hammer
    4. Bolt + washer

Plus any extra stuff you think you’ll need. I used some other small materials such as thread tape and builders adhesive, but I’ll leave the rest to you to decide what you’ll need for your own rig.

Firstly, I needed a webcam. After a quick Google I found a decent cam recommended by some online streamers, considering I’m just pointing it at my feet I don’t need 60fps so a HD 30fps camera will do just fine.

I introduce to you, another online EBAY purchase! Cheaper than my local retailers 😛 Plus I cannot be bothered driving to the store….. Just post it to me baby! 😀

While I was at it, I bought this USB Hub to tidy up the cables. I’m also running out of USB port’s on my PC…..

Simplecom USB 3.0 Hub

At first I had no idea how I was going to mount it, luckily for me, after checking the bottom of the stand/mount I noticed the thread hole.

Searching away amongst a pile of screw’s on the floor in the shed, I found the perfect fit, cut the bolt head off, grabbed some adhesive glue and slid it into the hole I drilled into my Simulator earlier. Well, not exactly “slid”.. I banged it in with a hammer! 😀

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